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Why you need a personal running coach?


To help you define and accomplish your goals

Your coach is educated in and has experience with helping runners accomplish their goals. Any runner who has a specific goal can profit by having a personal coach whether it’s about getting started, “finding yourself”, working towards a specific time or maybe participating in a particular competition.

To stay motivated all the time

Your coach can keep you motivated during daily training and eventually, help you become a faster runner or develop more stamina than you ever thought possible! Remember, results are not achieved in a few weeks or months. However, patience is rewarded by the good experiences along the way.

To get great tips for nutrition and energy consumption

Overall guidance about nutrition is also part of your coaching experience. Many runners forget to prioritize and optimize their intake of fluids during long training sessions and competitions. During your recovery period it is equally important to consider what’s consumed.

To get structure in your training and to avoid injuries

The structured training plan will include different types of sessions based on individual abilities, available time and goals. The training plan might include warm-up, core and strength exercises, suggestions for recovery and guidance in connection with competitions.

Nice to meet you!

Running is an individual sport, which can be practiced almost anywhere, at any time and at any level.

Whether you are a beginner, super recreational athlete, elite runner or just “yourself”, a structured programme for your daily training is essential and it may be beneficial to consult with someone having a different perspective.

This is where I, as your personal running coach, can help make a difference. Both in terms of structuring and organizing your training, but just as importantly regarding all other relevant issues – preventing injury, diet, dress, trails, etc.

I have more than 20 years’ experience in designing training plans for runners of all abilities, right from the beginner to the national team runner and at distances up to a marathon. I would be delighted to also help YOU.

Dennis Kaas

Founder & Head coach


Basic course

This course is suitable for persons who have just taken up running, for persons recovering from an injury or who cannot find time to do a full plan but who never the less want structured training. The course is a good basis for the full plan.

Full course

This course is suitable for runners who need structured training and who are able to do a full course aiming at one or more specific goals.


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Portrait of a Kaas Running runner – Vivi Kjærsgaard.

Name: Vivi Kjærsgaard Age: 51 Club: Nyvest and Kaas Running Been running since: 2006 Motivation for running: I’ve been running for some years now, and always with a club. It gives you some really amazing experiences with others, but I also use the mental part of...

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Portrait of a Kaas Running runner – Nanna Blom

Name: Nanna Blom Age: 46 years Club: Kaas Running Been running since: I’ve been running a little here and there, but I only started running regularly, after starting a training-course with Kaas Running a year ago. I started because I got a starter-course as a...

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Satisfied runners

"Training in Kaas Running, I have a lot of fun and I sense professionalism. Earlier when I ran, I was dependent on kilometers, here I run as per time. Plus, individual programs of Kaas Running helped me to increase my pace. It's so interesting that despite the distance between me and my fellow runners, this program unites us."

Olesya Pakseleva

"At Kaas Running you experience not only great atmosphere, support from your fellow runners during practice, via Social Medias but also constant contact with Dennis either by phone, mail or messenger. You feel welcome and your wishes and goals are treated seriously and professionally no matter your level. Dennis manages to make “his” runners feel like part of a team even though everyone has his or her individual training plan and goal. This is extremely motivating!. My first plan with Kaas Running has now come to an end and via structure, encouragement and competent guidance, I have achieved my goals. I look forward to continuing my training and define new goals. I will definitely choose Kaas Running next time I need a personal plan!."

Rikke Holm Larsen, Nexø

"I only recently entered the universe of running and it has been nothing less than great being part of Kaas Running. Not only have I met a lot of fellow runners but also Dennis, who has given me the tools to become a better runner. No matter your level, I can highly recommend such a training plan if you want to become a better runner. The sense of community is unique as it is founded in the joy of running and not a specific goal."

Marie Frostholm Jensen, Nexø

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